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Barres nutritives et de collations | Les Aliments Multibar Inc.

Our commitment to total quality is built on our company-wide awareness and our effective, time-tested control and monitoring systems.

Multibar has achieved the recognition of a company that is totally dedicated to Quality without compromise. We have developed programs that set the standards of excellence very high to even, in some instances, exceed industry norms.

Over the years, we have implemented a number of aggressive measures to detect, prevent and correct anything that could affect our standards for quality . Among these programs, is our standout HACCP plan. The HACCP program focuses on identifying, overseeing and then controlling all potential operational risks that could affect the safety of the finished product for the consumer.

The Quality System programs guarantee that the quality of the raw materials, the processing components, and the finished products and packaging is maintained.

At Multibar, everyone is responsible for quality. All of our employees are constantly informed about updates or changes related to manufacturing practices, operational procedures, safety and overall quality.

Our proactive measures allow us to quickly adapt to the needs and demands of consumers.

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