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Barres nutritives et de collations | Les Aliments Multibar Inc.
Nutrition & Snack Bar Manufacturing  | Snack bars

Snack bars: used mainly to satisfy hunger during the day or for “on-the-go” convenience.

  • Moulded chocolate bars: sugar-free, semi-sweet and sweet
  • Cereal / Granola bars: uncoated, partial, full and/or decorative coating
  • Multi-layer candy bar: caramel, sugar-free caramel, cream, peanut butter
  • Inclusions: peanut pieces, chocolate chips, caramel chips

Snack bars are formulated with familiar and wholesome ingredients such as oatmeal, nuts and fruits. The appeal of Snack Bars is a great tasting, “pick-me-up” treat for anytime of the day or night.

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